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Why work with us

Original content
New and original content which complies with SEO standards, that is what a website needs in order to be indexed by the search engines and generate traffic.
This is exactly what we do on a daily basis here at Effective content Agency. We create original written content that highlights your websites on searches. This is exactly what you need.
Strict deadlines
Here at Effective content Agency, we take the deadlines deadly serious!
Effective. This is our motto and it relates both to the way the articles are conceived and to how we work in general.
Our work is always executed with responsibility and the delivery is performed in a timely manner. That is a fact.
200% Guarantee
We are keen to provide exactly what we have assumed when we took over your order. For this reason, we offer a 200% guarantee for our work.
If by any chance, you are not fully satisfied with the content you receive, we shall return your money, no questions asked!
Moreover, you can also keep and use the article in question!
Impeccable grammar
The written content conceived and delivered by Effective content Agency will be correct in all respects. We are certain of that. That is why we assume any spelling mistakes.
If a word is misspelled in the final written content that you received from us, you will not pay for that word.
We offer this guarantee because we trust our writers.
Dedicated collaborator
In any business, a precise, fast and efficient communication is very important.
Even more so when you need to explain to somebody what you want and how you want it to appear on your website.
Therefore, in order to ensure a comfortable communication and a smooth flow of information, you will deal with only one contact person during our collaboration.
We write for you and your web page. We create effective content on your behalf. That is what ghostwriting stands for.
Because we want you to work with us worries free, we will make this very clear. Therefore we will deliver each final document accompanied by an Assignment of Copyright Agreement that will state that the content received from Effective content Agency, is by all meanings yours.
We trust what we create and we would like to give you the opportunity to have the same confidence in the written content received from us.
Consequently, we will perform at our expense in-depth checks for every final written content, and we will provide you the results.
You will receive the reports for proof for grammar and spelling checking, also plagiarism, and SEO optimization, performed with programs used and recognized worldwide.

What we do

An Article is a part of written communication, whose most important feature is communication. Regardless of its form or style, through an article is intended to communicate with the reader.
The article must capture the attention immediately and pique the reader’s interest, even more, to influence the readers.
A well-written article can do all that, and Effective content Agency creates well-written articles.
By regularly posting well-written and well-documented articles, you can define yourself as an authority in your field of activity.
This determines readers to return to your website.
Such content is made only through thorough documentation which it requires a lot of work and creativity.
Blog posts
Frequent and consistent blog posts are essential to a blog in order to keep active the interest of the followers and to influence them.
An active blog on your website, or published as such, demonstrates to the reader that you know your field of activity. Therefore, share your experience in various blog posts and potential prospects will appreciate you as a professional. They will follow you with interest to find out what you have to say.
A blog helps increase traffic, so that regularly upload an interesting and useful blog post it is vital both to attract new visitors and to keep the existing ones.
Effective content Agency can create on your behalf, engaging blog post with the periodicity that you consider the most appropriate.
SEO ready content
Both Articles for websites and Blog posts can be SEO optimized. SEO optimization for the written content on your website or blog is extremely important because it increases visibility in search engines.
Also, very important is the fact that a constant flow of optimized written content will be appreciated by the search engines.
Therefore your rank will be improved and will build organic traffic for your blog or website. Taking into account that SEO is a long-term strategy, is very important to apply it as soon as possible, also in a constant manner.
Effective content Agency creates written content that offers every customer the opportunity to be as visible as possible in the top of the search results.
In addition to defining yourself as an authority by constantly and regularly posting high-quality content, you will also save money and time that can be used to efficiently grow your business.


Our team


Co-founder, writer


Co-founder, writer


Writer & SEO specialist

Miss Julie

A team of young and dedicated people, each one of us really passionate about what he does here at the agency. Our team is 100% involved in carrying out the work in the best conditions and deliver the best results for our clients!
Each of us is qualified and has experience in his field of activity. We are eager to put our knowledge to work for your projects

Working procedures

Here at Effective content Agency, a very good organization is what enables us to provide our customers a pleasant experience throughout the collaboration.

A working manner that includes procedures and milestones, helps us deliver the quality work exactly at the settled time.

To ensure a smooth flow from the moment when the client is sending the Order form until we deliver the final document, we created a simplified working procedure.

We remind you that all the works created by the Effective content Agency will be delivered to you in their final form accompanied by:

  • Assignment of Copyright Agreement
  • Proof of grammar and spelling checking
  • Proof of non-plagiarism
  • Proof of SEO optimization