Original content when writing for the web

When writing for the web it is imperative to create original content. An effective website or blog is supposed to increase brand awareness or help you to sell products or services. Therefore, the written content published on your website or blog is the one that can make the difference between a new conversion/client and a lost prospect.
One of the ' pillars' of any effective website or blog is the original content. After February 2011, when Google launched Panda, the original content when writing for the web gained much more weight in the context of SEO quote factors. Some details about Google Panda can be found on this Moz article.

What does original content means from the SEO point of view?

Regarding the original content, if a very similar content, or perhaps even the same content, is found on multiple pages it is considered to be duplicate content. Therefore, penalties will appear immediately and search engines may reduce rankings.

To avoid the accidental occurrence of duplicate content, when writing for the web and aiming to publish original content, you should avoid having the same content posted on multiple sources or incorrectly redirected to the same website.

Writing original content for the web, which usually means genuine creative texts, is highly appreciated by the search engines. As a result, it is advisable to find different exposure solutions when looking for similar information across multiple web pages. It can be done by using synonyms, or rephrasing ideas. Another option, in case of lack of inspiration, is to appeal to professionals in writing.

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Guiding questions of original content when writing for the web

To take advantage of the benefits of original content, when writing for the web, is advisable to keep in mind the 23 de questions quoted as guiding questions by Amit Singhal, Google Fellow: