Ghostwriter. An Agency or a content writer?

A ghostwriter can be a content writer or, even better, an Agency. This is kind of services are those to you turn when you want to publish regularly, written content on your website or blog. And let’s face it, any website or blog needs fresh and interesting content published regularly and frequently.
A website or blog that is active and keeps the readers' attention through what they publish, will turn most of these readers into customers. Even more, into loyal customers, which is what any business needs.

Therefore, it is crucial to turn to ghostwriter services from a content writer or, even better from an Agency of content writing, if you want your website or blog to bring you such results.

But why hire an agency or a content writer as a ghostwriter?

On one hand, if we think about the websites or blog owners, it is not that they cannot write that content. The fact is that in most cases they are very busy and do not have time for content writing.

On the other hand, it is a great career for a talented content writer, good at research and full of ideas, who can adapt and write in various styles and tones, to become a ghostwriter.

Therefore, it is a situation that everyone has something to win. Most of all the readers that will become well-informed customers who know exactly what they want from the products they need.

A content writer is an experienced writer who, through written text, can provide valuable information with an attitude and emotion in such a manner that will get the full attention and interest of the readers. They are the ones that will become your clients and help you grow your business.

A plus for an Agency as ours is the fact that it has many content writers and you can benefit from their experience and expertise. Also, the fact that in an agency, there are editors that carefully check the final written content so that you will receive a perfectly correct copy.

What about Copyright Assignment

Providing services as a ghostwriter implies that the content writer or the agency who created the article should give up all the rights to the work done in favor of the client, which is something that you really need it guaranteed.

We, at Effective content Agency, deliver every single written content created by our content writers, accompanied by the Copyright Assignment Agreement. This document guarantees that from that moment you become the full owner of the written content we created for you.
A concise and clear answer to the question What is a copyright assignment? is provided by New Media Rights

Contract as a ghostwriter for your website our Effective content Agency and:
  • Your website or blog, therefore your business, will benefit from high-quality content, free of spelling or grammatical errors and, if you require, optimized content; Quality matters!
  • You can have regularly and on a long-term basis, fresh and engaging written content to be published on your website or blog. It is important to capture, but also maintain your readers' attention.
  • You will, for sure, save a lot of time which can definitely help you focus on growing your business!
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These are the facts, the choice is yours and it depends on what you need for your business website. Send us an Order as soon as you have decided that this is the best option for you.