Successfully outsourcing written content is highly essential for boosting YOUR business

For instance, the results of the 2018 Study from Content Marketing Institute clearly shows that articles and blog posts are the most effective types of content in terms of raising awareness and generate interest for your prospects. Articles and blog posts represent 73% of the content that efficiently succeed in moving potential customers to the next stage and becoming a customer.

In addition to the last year results, the 2019 Study from the same Content Marketing Institute states that 61% of the content marketers increased their use of written digital content like articles and blogs compared to one year ago. Even more, 56% of them also increased spending on content creation much more than in other content marketing areas.

Furthermore, a benchmark data on blogging from Hubspot shows that you will get 3.5 more traffic if you publish at least 16 blog posts per month, compared to the situation when you publish a maximum 4 posts monthly .

Consequently, the upward trend of written content is undeniable. Therefore, the higher the quality of the written content you publish, the better.

Outsourcing written content – how can it boost your business?

It saves a lot of time

Keep in mind that it is recommended to publish high-quality content and publish it frequently. For sure this does takes a lot of time.
Therefore, time is one of the most important advantages you gain when choosing to outsource the written content for your website, which enables you to invest that time in your business development.

It saves your money

Outsourcing written content is an investment that is definitely worth it.
Since the articles are high-quality and SEO optimized, the traffic to your website will increase for free, you do not have to pay for ads.
Moreover, it significantly reduces the amount of expenses with full time or part-time employees. In the same way, you will avoid any expenses with specialized training of the current employees. Instead, The money saved can be invested in other business goals.

Increases your productivity

The agencies respect their quality standards and delivery deadlines. You know that on the set date you will have the content prepared and you can publish it exactly as planned. Therefore, you can relax about this issue.
You can get your energy focused on other important things that help you grow your business.

You are going to become proficient in your domain

By regularly posting interesting and educational articles, you will become the source that your customer will first check when looking for some information in your domain. This is always a good way to improve client fidelity and, satisfied customers will certainly recommend you. Therefore, more new prospects and customers that so much need it for the development of your business.

It increase sales

As long as there is time and money saved, the outsourcing of your content is going to bring more customers and consequently boost sales significantly.

Effective Content Agency offers Articles, Blog posts, and SEO ready content of which both you and your business can take advantage:
  • Constantly and frequently posting high-quality original content, SEO optimized will certainly improve rankings in the SERPs and increase leads, conversions, and engagement;
  • The more traffic and engaged readers, will definitely lead to more customers, sales and to the growth of your business.
  • Enjoy a stable, secure and worry-free collaboration, which guarantees a risk- free environment.
  • All this, while maintaining a high level of quality and saving money at the same time.