The articles, as part of written communication, are the ones that bring our businesses to the attention of our readers and clients. It is preferable that this happens as often as possible, if not daily.

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Through articles, the writer is able to pass on important information about products or services to your readers / clients. Active and high-quality written communication helps to impose yourselves as an authority in your field of activity as well as keep the existing customers and attract new ones to our business.

Interesting, well-documented articles that really transmit something. Such written content is what you need so that your website or blog attracts as many readers as possible. If what is published as content on our website or blog are inconsistent articles or even worse, full of errors, then your readers will definitely lose interest in no time.

Another matter to be taken into account is the subject of course, when choosing what written content you publish You can publish the best written and perfectly documented article, but, if it is inappropriate for our domain, then its presence on our website or blog will have no relevance to our readers and our clients. Therefore, it will only be a reason for them to lose interest.

Writing styles for articles

Furthermore, in order to post high-quality articles, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of writing styles out of which you will have to choose the right one.

  • For fiction, journal writing or memoirs, advertising, travel guides is indicated to use the Descriptive writing style.
In articles written in Descriptive writing style, the author describes, more or less metaphorically, the things for his readers. He does not need to convince anyone of anything. It only has to present things by appealing to as many human senses as possible.

  • If you need some business, technical or scientific writing, as well as how-to articles or recipes, news stories but not editorials, you should rather use Expository writing style.
Articles written in Expository writing style provide the reader with facts and figures and does not include the author's opinions.

  • For longer articles such as novels, short stories, anecdotes, poetry, whether they are fiction or nonfiction, Narrative writing style should be used.
The articles written in Narrative writing style actually build the story and expose it chronologically through characters and happenings.

  • When you need to convince the readers through the article of something specific, you will definitely have to adopt a Persuasive writing style.
This is the most appropriate style used in academic papers, cover letters, reviews of items, essays that argue something.

More details on this matter can be found on Oxford Royale Academy’s article 12 Different Styles of Writing and How to Write Them Well.

If you succeed in imposing the article an appropriate tone then it will be perfect, exciting and you will get the desired reactions from your readers.
In the case of written articles, it is the tone that helps you deliver the facts with an attitude and emotion. The tone in writing can be either formal or informal, joyful or serious, humorous or sad, optimistic or pessimistic. You just have to choose the preferred one which should be the most appropriate to the subject preferred.

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